11" Tree Perc Swirl Patent Beaker Glass Bong

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This tree perc swirl patent beaker bong is one of the most eye-catching bongs with overall purple color. Simple yet very functional. The water pipe features a tree percolator for maximum filtration. This thick glass beaker is beaker-shaped and made with thick glass. You can definitely feel the heaviness when you pick this one up and it will sit on your table steadily. 

  • Bong/Dab Rig
  • Height: 11" / 29cm 
  • Beaker Base Width: 3" / 8cm
  • Purple Glass
  • Beaker Bong Style
  • Tree Perc Bong
  • Ice Catcher
  • Removable Down Stem
  • Female Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Category: Dab Rigs
  • Sub-category: Portable Dab Rigs, Cheap Dab Rigs

Features Of This Water Pipe

Beaker Bong 

This water pipe term is very easy to understand, it looks like a scientific equipment piece: The beaker. Beaker bongs are considered one of the most popular forms of water bong in the cannabis community since it's got a larger base it can sit on any flat surface and won't easily tip over. Perfect shape for everyday use!

Ice Catcher/Pinch

This water pipe features a built-in ice catcher which means you can add ice cubes into the tube of the bong. As we all know that smoke generated from herb combustion can be very hot, having ice cubes or even snow in the water pipe can chill the smoke providing a much smoother smoking experience.

Tree Perc

The tree perc is one of the most common percolators found in today's bongs, the tree perc sits in the water and has numerous arms that diffuse smoke allowing the smoke to evenly spread in the water creating a smooth hit.

UFO Perc

Percolators that shapes like a UFO are generally referred to as UFO percs. It can diffuse smoke in many different forms just like a Tree Perc

Removable Downstem

Most commonly seen on beaker bongs, since beaker bongs without a fixed downstem still need a diffuser to diffuse smoke, a removable downstem will be used in that situation, since it's removable the water pipe/bong and the downstem can be clean separately.

Flared Mouthpiece

A flared mouthpiece means that the mouthpiece is thicker or higher than the rest of the bong, it's more comfortable to put your mouth on it and creating a tighter seal for smoking at the same time.

Glass Bong

This water pipe is made of high-quality glass. 100% handmade and closely examined by the Puffing Bird Staff.

Female Joint 

This water pipe features an 18mm male joint.