Hybridized Glass Dab Straw Kit

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If you're looking for the ultimate Nectar Collector for your collection to get the most out of your concentrates and flowers, look no further!

This kit comes with a sleek and cool silicone nectar collector that features a center glass chamber with a matrix and bubble perc and comes with attachments as well as a silicone storage container.

With the included titanium nail you can utilize this nectar collector in the traditional way, slurping your concentrates and bringing out their full flavor; however, this kit also comes with a sweeping neck attachment that can hold the included 10mm dry herb bowl, instantly transforming this straw into a portable and sleek water pipe for your herbs and flowers!

Coupled with the included food-grade silicone storage container, this kit can be used anywhere for anything.

  • Made From High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Matrix Perc Water Chamber
  • The Glass Dab Straw Kit Includes: 1x Glass Dab Stick Body, 1x 10mm Quartz Tip, 1x 10mm Titanium Tip, 1x 45° Glass Converter, 1x 10mm Male Weed Bowl. 
  • Dab Straw Length: 7.6"/19.5mm 
  • Nectar Collector Style Dab Rig
  • Category: Nectar Collectors